Schedules of Condition

BHT Building Consultancy Ltd have vast experience in providing schedules of condition, most commonly in conjunction with leasehold agreements which accurately record the condition of the building at lease commencement. Schedules of condition are carried out to a high standard by our team of chartered building surveyors. We will typically provide a comprehensive written schedule accompanied by a photographic schedule covering all aspects of the subject property. A schedule of condition gives legal protection for both Landlords and Tenants.

  • At lease expiry or lease break tenants are often held liable for defects and alterations that existed prior to the lease, a well-recorded schedule of condition can confirm the initial state of the property at lease commencement which can prove a vital tool in Dilapidations negotiations.
  • Landlords and property owners can use schedules of condition to resolve disputes that could arise during construction and refurbishment of their new and existing buildings.

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