Project Monitoring

BHT Building Consultancy understand when it comes to project development, good project monitoring is key to delivering a successful scheme. Our Project Monitoring services offer expert advise to investors, owners and occupiers on statutory consents, specifications, compliance, quality, cost and programming. Our monitoring role involves reviewing and ensuring drawdowns are accurate and representative with sufficient funds retained to complete each stage.

Our monitoring services include:

  • Define the client’s goals
  • Feasibility study/cost appraisal
  • Define the client’s budgetary constraints
  • Understand the development and funding agreement
  • Appraise design and specifications
  • Advise on the developer’s consultants, contractors and sub-contractors
  • Advise on the method of procurement
  • Advise on statutory compliance
  • Provide change and communication consultancy
  • Post-contract
  • Monitor programme and cost during the construction phase
  • Monitor the quality of the works and compliance
  • Advise on practical completion
  • Advise on making good defects

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