Licence for Alterations

At BHT Building Consultancy we are able to assist landlords and Tenants alike when applying for and reviewing Licences for Alterations. For Landlord’s and Managing Agents our team can assist by reviewing proposed Tenant applications to undertake alterations to a leasehold property. A License for Alterations is a legally binding document and a well-documented License will state the tenants obligations when they are altering a property including the terms of reinstating the property at lease expiry.

For Tenants we can help by applying for licences and our experienced team will assist by managing the submission of documents, drawings and specifications. A well-documented License gives the Tenant protection, by preventing Landlord’s from rentalising any improvements at a future rent review period. We advise our clients on the likely cost and scope of works for reinstatement of the property at lease expiry.

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